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Read a paper a day with us to discover the latest breakthroughs and hidden gems across domains in Artificial Intelligence

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July 23 — August 22, 2018

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Who is this for?

People who have completed at least a first course in AI eg. university module, Fast.ai, AI Saturdays, MOOCs etc. Target audience would be computer science students, those who have attended AI-related bootcamps or online courses, and PhD students.

If you are new to AI, check out our global AI Saturdays Initiative first, in more than 100 cities around the world.

Why join #APaperADay?

Advances in AI often happen when ideas are transferred from one domain to another. One of the best examples of this is when Recurrent Neural Networks used in the Speech Recognition domain were transferred over to Natural Language Processing. 

For each paper we recommend you, we highlight the dependencies in knowledge and briefly explain the prerequisites to help you understand it faster. By reading a paper a day with us, you might find inspiration for the next breakthrough discovery in your domain.

Quickly get up to speed with the latest breakthroughs across AI domains

Discover hidden gems in lesser-known papers which we curate for you

The Nurture.AI team has been curating a list of lesser-known papers which we believe deserve more attention, and we are crowdsourcing such papers too. 

If you have any such papers to suggest, please open up an issue on the Github repository.

Get your questions addressed by the authors themselves

AI researchers often find it hard to get replies of authors via email whenever they have questions or suggestions for a paper they read. 

In #APaperADay, when you have a question or suggestion about any paper, open up an Issue on that paper’s page on Nurture.AI and we will notify the author to respond. Having a public display of such issues opened up on research papers creates accountability in the AI research field.

Each week, we will send you a curated list of 6 papers to read, and leaving one day for you to read a paper of your own choice. 

The curated list of papers each week will be a mix of top recent papers, and lesser-known papers which we think deserve more attention due to hidden gems in them.

What do you do?

Announce on social media that you are taking up this challenge, and have your community hold you accountable with your commitment to read and post the core takeaway from the paper you read each day!

Don't forget to tag us at @Nurture.ai too!


To recognise participants who contribute blogposts which value-add, we will feature the top 3 blogposts by #APaperADay participants per week to the community. Writing blogposts explaining the papers is a good way to crystallise your understanding while demonstrating your expertise

Write a blogpost weekly 

Read the paper and tweet your core takeaway with the #APaperADay hashtag

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Reading List

Week 1

Week 2

These are the papers that we've selected for the 
#APaperADay Reading Challenge.

Week 3

Week 4

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